Band Bio

Short People plays Americana music highly influenced by jazz, bluegrass, blues, and even a touch of R&B.  As individual musicians, they have performed at venues such as the Grand Ole Opry, Strawberry Music Festival, and the Freight and Salvage in San Francisco. They have appeared on TEDx talks and have been heard on Capitol Public Radio's Insight with Beth Ruyak. 

Each band members' performance experience would lead one to believe that these musicians are adults, but they aren't. Two of the three artists are in their early teens, and the third member brings more than 30 years of performance and recording knowledge to the band.   

The musical experiences of each musician are diverse. 13-year-old fiddle player, CJ Neary, got his start in classical music, but soon switch to jazz and funk. Anna Daisy, the band’s 14-year-old guitar player, was born and breed in California’s bluegrass scene. Bass player, Rick Chelew, has spent his career playing blues, zydeco, and jazz. The trio formed a band because they wanted to expand the boundaries of their distinct musical genres and to challenge the rules of instrumentalization.   

The artists come from disparate geographies, musical backgrounds and stages of life, but their mutual love for creative approaches drives them to travel between states to perform at festivals and venues throughout out the West.  The trio discovered their ability to collaborate when, during a late-night jam at Big Sur Fiddle Camp, they created a sound they thoroughly enjoyed.  

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